<%@ Page Language="VB" Explicit="False" %> <%@ Import Namespace="PDshop9" %> Administrator <% pd.writeadminjava()%> <% If deleterecord = "done" Then%> <%End If%>
Order Status Alert!
<% If deleterecord = "yes" Then%>
Are you sure you want to delete?
YES   |   NO
<% End If%>
<% pd.createadmintab("Order Status", "") pd.writeadmintabs() %>
Order No:
Order Total:
Order Date:
<% If orderstatus.Text = "Incomplete" Then%>
This Order's status must be changed before you can proceed.

WARNING: You are about to change the status of an “Incomplete” order. This order currently has a temporary (internal) status associated with it. You should not consider this a legitimate order at this point, since the checkout process was not completed.

Unless you have confirmed the receipt of payment (with your merchant bank or payment processor) changing the status of this order is NOT recommended!

<% End If%>
Change Status To:
<% If pd.adminlevel = 1 And id <> "" Then%>
Delete this Order?
<% End If%>