<%@ Page Language="VB" Explicit="False" %> <%@ Import Namespace="PDshop9" %> Administrator <% pd.writeadminjava()%>
Checkout Settings
<% pd.createadmintab("Settings", "setup-checkout.aspx") pd.writeadmintabs() %>
Checkout Flow
Select from options below.  Below determins whether or not customers can checkout without registering, etc
Full & Quick Checkout
Full Checkout Only
Quick Checkout Only
Only Pre-registered customers
Shop Access
Determins who can view your shop pages, products/services, etc
Normal (Anyone can view your shop)
Only Registered Users
Shop is Closed (No Access)

Coming Soon/Closed Message:
Click To Accept (Terms & Conditions)
Enable (Your customers will need to "Accept" your terms and conditions before completing the order.)

Terms & Conditions Text:
Mini Cart Summary
Enable (Show shopping cart summary)
Enable (Keep Shopping button returns user to last page)
Select if you want Business/Company fields to appear on checkout forms.
No (Do not show company fields)
Yes (But they are Optional)
Yes (Required)
Newsletter Opt-In
Enable (customers will see an option for your Newsletter during registration)